If you're trying to debug problems with network connection then ipconfig is one of the tools that you will always use.

Let me first describe how to run it:

- Launch cmd.exe

- Type ipconfig /all (option /all will display all connections on your computer)

 Now let's look at the output:

DHCP Enabled - if it is set to yes then it means that IP address of your computer is dynamically assigned to your computer by router. If it is set to No then most probably iP address of your computer is static.

Description - short description of the network connection (it usually has device name as part of it)

IPv6 address - IP address in new IPv6 protocol. This protocol is used in Internet since IPv4 is running out of IP addresses.

IPv4 address - IP address of your computer in the local network. Please note that this address will be different from the one you will get on "what is my IP" websites since they see your external IP address - not the internal one.

Default gateway - IP address of router which you use to connect to Internet

DHCP server - address of server which assigns dynamic addresses to the computers on the network

Subnet mask - this parameter defines what range of addresses your router can assign to computers in the network it manages.

Physical address - this is so called MAC address of your computer. It is unique to your PC and is used to physically identify your computer on the network.