There are several typical router problems which you can encounter when setting up a router:

1) Hardware malfunction. Router is not working properly which results in one or all of network protocols not working.

2) Software malfunction. Operating system on the computer or mobile device is not working properly.

3) Incorrect settings. Settings on either hardware or software are incorrect.

To perform correct diagnosis of the router problem it is important to figure out to which bucket it belongs to. You can read following instructions to classify your problem.

Hardware malfunction

- Read manual to see what lights are expected to be on when router is functioning normally. Typically there will be a power light, WAN connection light and a light for each of the Ethernet connections to the router. If one of the lights is not working properly use troubleshooting guide from a router or try to reset a router.

- If you connect one of the router network ports to a computer with a network cable you should see corresponding light start blinking on a router. Light will blink only if connected computer is on and booted up.

- If your device is identified on a network with an IP address starting with 169.254 it means that something is wrong with your router since it is unable to assign a proper network address to your device.

Important: Before resetting a router make sure to try other fixes since router reset will erase your settings and bring router to a factory state. Also write down internet connection settings in your router configuration interface before resetting it so you can put them back after router restarts.

Software malfunction

- Your settings are correct and configured as described in manuals but your network is still not working. You also checked that your hardware is functioning correctly. If both above are true than something may be wrong with software on your device or your router.

- To figure out if a problem is in router or with computer/mobile device software try using different device to connect to a router. If different device works correctly then problem is with your other computer/mobile device. If connection is still problematic then router is the cause.

Incorrect settings

- If you are able to connect to a router administration interface using or other IP address assigned to a router but still unable to connect to internet it means that router configuration is probably incorrect. If you have both router and modem in your network make sure that router can see your modem and your modem is configured correctly. For modem configuration instruction refer to the manual provided by your internet provider and modem manual.