You type in your router and it either gives you "404 page not found" error or redirects you to search.

Quick Resolution (will not always work)

Try other popular router IP addresses like:

One of them may work and give you router administration page.

Resolution (longer but should always work)

The problem could be solved by finding correct router address from the network settings of your computer.

Here is how you can do it.

Mac OS:

1) Click "Apple" in the main menu and select System Preferences.

2) Click "Network" icon in the window which will open

3) You will see a list of available networks. Select the one which is active (usually it is green)

4) Click on "Advanced..." button.

5) Select "TCP/IP" tab.

6) Your router IP address will be in the "Router:" line.

7) Type this IP address in your browser and you should see a screen with your router administration interface

Windows 8 OS:

1) Press "Start" button on your keyboard.

2) Start typing "Control Panel" until you will see Control Panel element show up in the search pane.

3) Launch "Control Panel"

4) Select "Network and Sharing Center"

5) Click on "Change Adapter Settings" element on the right side of "Network and Sharing Center"

6) Double click on the connection which is currently active. An inactive connection is usually marked with red X.

7) You will see small information dialog with connection details including speed, duration, etc. Click on "Details..." button there.

8) You router address will be in IPv4 Default Gateway line.