Sometimes there are cases when you are able to connect to your Wi-Fi network but forgot a password to it. For example you have a device which can still connect to the network because password is cached in it. In this case you may still get a Wi-Fi credentials from your router without resetting a router.

To do this you first need to connect to your router from your device which still can connect to your Wi-Fi network. First you need to find out IP of your router. This could be done using instructions on a home page of our website. Following these instructions to get IP address of your router.

As a next step you need to type this IP in a browser to get to the router administration page. There type your router username and password (if you don't know it you can ask your ISP provider or read a page on this website about default router passwords). Once you are in the router administration interface look for WLAN section there. There look for SSID settings to verify that you are connected to a correct router which is handling your Wi-Fi network. Once verified you can go to SSID security settings and look for the WPA pass phrase field. It will contain a password for your Wi-Fi network which you can use on your other devices to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

A note to network administrators. Make sure that you always change default password on your router admin interface. If you don't do it someone with malicious intent can very easily penetrate your network and reprogram it in a way to enable hidden accesses or other malicious activities.

Also make sure that you change Wi-Fi password for your network on a regular basis. There are many ways how your Wi-Fi password could leak outside of your organization. And if it leaks then someone could access your network without you even being aware about it.