In order to connect to your router try going to If this doesn't work then your IP router has a different address which you can look up using IP address lookup guide. To see if your router is working properly go through router problems fix guide and see if you can correct it.

What is IP address is a default address for a significant number of Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link and ZyXEL routers. When one of the routers of brands above joins the network, it identifies itself with You cannot assume though that if your router is one of the brands listed above it will have as a default IP address. To make sure you have the right address you need to refer to your router manual and look what IP is used there. Some other popular default IP addresses are and belongs to a so-called "private network" IP range. This network addresses range is allocated specifically to be used by private networks and addresses from this range are not used on the internet. Most home networks utilize only small part of this range with addresses starting from up to So if your router uses as an IP address you will still have 253 IP addresses for other devices.

How to fix problems and find your router IP address

If you're not sure that your router is using as a default IP address, there are multiple methods available to find out what address your router uses. Below is a list of articles on our website which can help you find out your router IP address.

How to configure your router to use

If you know that your router is using IP address, all you need to do is type into your browser address bar (any browser could be used). If you get an error page after this, then most probably your router is not using as a default IP address and you need to read guides above to find it.

Navigating to this address will open a router administration interface login page. There you will need to type your router username and password. If you received your router/modem from ISP (internet service provider), you can find these details on the bottom of the router/modem. If you purchased your router, you can look into its user manual to find default username and password. There you can also find instructions on how to reset your router login details. Also we have some default username/password combinations available in our recovering router password article. is another IP address frequently used by router manufacturers as a default. D-Link and Netgear routers are the ones most frequently configured with as a default address. So if you don't know your router network address and are good guesses which will cover 95% of the cases. If these too still don't look like correct addresses you may want to go to the home page of this website and check detailed instructions on how to get your router IP address on different operating systems and devices.

Once you get to the router administration page you will need some way to login. If you don't remember your login information you can try looking it up on the bottom of your router or a modem. It is often written there by ISP providers. Or if it is not there below are some default passwords for D-Link and Netgear routers:

Netgear routers

Default user: admin
Default passwords: empty password
Netgear MR314, RT314 and certain other old models: 1234

D-Link routers

All D-Link routers use username: admin
D-Link DI-514 and DI-524, DI-804, DI-604, DI-704, use empty password.
All other D-Link routers use password: admin

In case you're looking to find out more info about your specific Netgear or D-Link router please visit manufacturers websites at or

If you get to your router/modem administration console but still unable to login you will need to contact the person or company who performed install of the router/modem. If it is not possible you should consult with router manual on how to reset password to its factory state. Make sure to explore other possibilities before trying to reset the password since it will also reset all other settings of the router and may cause your network to work incorrectly.