IP Address IP is used to address computers within private home and small business networks. This address is typically assigned manually. is a class C IP private IP address. This address could not be used on the internet and is reverserved only for private IP networks. Home networks are typically connected to the internet via single device on the network which has external IP address visible on the internet. All others address inside the network are typically within the 192.168.xx.xx range and are visible only within the network.

Port Forwarding

To access internal IP address like from the internet you need to setup port forwarding on your router or modem. Port forwarding allows mapping of specific port on your external IP address to a network address and port within your private home network. Port forwarding could be used by many applications which need to communicate with a computer in your network. It is very popular with gaming and remote video cameras.

Router Diagnostics

If you type in your browser and don't see router administration page then you may have to check following issues.

Check that your router is using as a default address

Check that your router is connected to your computer (it is better to use wired connection during router setup)

Private IP Addresses

Please refer to the table below to get information about IP addresses which are typically used to address devices within the private networks. is an IP address within class C network according to table below.
Class Private Networks Subnet Mask Address Range
A -
B - -
C -

Subnet mask

IP Address is typically used within small networks with 254 available hosts per network. Default subnet mask for such networks is

Router role in network

Router is typically used as a device which ensures communication between internet network and home private network. If for example your router has an IP address of then all computers will communicate with internet by sending information to router at IP address, which in its turn will forward this information to specific internet nodes and vice versa.