IP Address IP Address is used by Amped Wireless and Huawei routers.

Amped Wireless Routers

Amped Wireless specializes in providing long range wireless consumer and business communication products for the home and office.

Setup process

Attach Antennas, Power On & Connect to your Computer

a) Attach the antennas to the antenna connectors on the Router.

b) Attach the Power Adapter to the Router’s PWR port and a power outlet.

c) Connect an Ethernet cable to an available port on your computer or connect to the Router’s Wi-Fi

Network: Amped_Athena_2.4 or Amped_Athena_5.0. Password: wireless

Open your Web Browser to Access the Setup Wizard

a) Open your web browser.

b) Type http://setup.ampedwireless.com

into the web address bar.

c) If the web menu fails to open, type the following

IP address into your web address bar:

Huawei Routers

Several of Huawei routers use IP address as a default IP address. This includes WS319, WS860s, WS330, WS831 and HG232f.

Setting Internet Access Parameters

Step 1 Launch a browser, enter, and press Enter. In the Login window, enter admin for both the user name and password, and click Login

Step 2 Click WiFi Router.

Step 3 Click Next.

Step 4 Choose the network connection type

Choose the connection type based on the application scenario.