IP Address IP Address is used by Aceex Corporation routers.

Aceex Wireless Routers

Aceex corporation is an exporter of Routers, Networking products, ADSL, Modems.

Aceex Wireless router setup

1. Determine your connection settings

Before you configure the router; you need to know the connection information supplied by your ADSL service provider.

2. Connecting the ADSL router to your network

Unlike a simple hub or switch, the setup of the ADSL router consists of more than simply plugging everything together. Because the Router acts as a DHCP server, you will have to set some values within the Router, and also configure your networked PCs to accept the IP Addresses the Router chooses to assign them.

Generally there are several different operating modes for your applications. And you can know which mode is necessary for your system from ISP. These modes are router, bridge, PPPoE+NAT and NAT and PPPoA+NAT.

3. Configuring with Web Browser

p>It is advisable to change the administrator password to safeguard the security of your network.

To configure the router, open your browser, type '' into the address bar and click 'Go' to get to the login page. Save this address in your Favorites for future reference.

At the User name prompt, type 'admin'. And the Password prompt, type 'admin'. You can change these later if you with. Click 'OK'.


If you type in your browser and don't see router administration page then you may have to check following issues.

  • Check that your router is using as a default address
  • Check that your router is connected to your computer (it is better to use wired connection during router setup)