IP Address IP Address is used as a default IP address by Zyxel, Fortinet, Rosewill and EnGenius routers.

Zyxel router setup

- Connect your computer to the LAN port of the Zyxel router.

- The default IP address of the yxel router in access point mode is "". In this case, your computer must have an IP address in the range between "" and "".

- Click Start -> Run on your computer in Windows. Type "cmd" in the dialog box. Enter "ipconfig" to show your computer's IP address. If your computer's IP address is not in the correct range then check how to change your computer IP address.

- After you've set your computer's IP address, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer and type "" as the web address in your web browser.

Note: Default password is "1234".

Fortinet routers is used by FAP-112B, FAP-210B and FortiAP-14C (FAP-14C) routers and access points.

Fortinet router setup

1. Connect the unit and configure the management computer as described in the “Connecting Your FortiAP Unit” chapter.

2. Start a browser of your choice and browse to

3. Type admin in the Name field, leave the Password field blank, and select Login.

4. Find the Uplink section on the System Information tab, set the Operation Mode to Mesh, and setup the Mesh AP SSID and Mesh AP Password.

The default SSID and password are fortinet.mesh.root. It is recommended that you change both the default SSID and password.

5. Optionally, select Ethernet Bridge to enable building to building bridging.

6. Select Apply.

7. Disconnect the FortiAP device from the management computer.

8. Aim the front of the FortiAP unit towards the upstream mesh node (usually another AP device) to complete the association. Once the link is established, the Mesh signal intensity indicators should change from flashing to red, yellow, or green. If red, adjust the location of the unit and the direction it is facing until the intensity indicators show yellow or green.

Router Diagnostics

If you type in your browser and don't see router administration page then you may have to check following issues.

Check that your router is using as a default address

Check that your router is connected to your computer (it is better to use wired connection during router setup)

Private IP Addresses

Please refer to the table below to get information about IP addresses which are typically used to address devices within the private networks. is an IP address within class C network according to table below.
Class Private Networks Subnet Mask Address Range
A -
B - -
C -

Subnet mask

IP Address is typically used within small networks with 254 available hosts per network. Default subnet mask for such networks is

Router role in network

Router is typically used as a device which ensures communication between internet network and home private network. If for example your router has an IP address of then all computers will communicate with internet by sending information to router at IP address, which in its turn will forward this information to specific internet nodes and vice versa.